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Trail Guides Updated January 29, 2010 -
Galbraith Mt. Trail Guides

HERE ARE GALBRAITHMT.COM's completely new and updated Trail Guides -- 24 Guides covering 44 trails.

In each you'll find a discussion of the trail, as well as a series of pics letting you see with your own eyes what the trail has to offer, and links to the appropriate maps.

The North Side

Mark Adriance with Ridge Trail sculpture
The Ridge Trail
& Raymond Park
The 'Incomparable,'
and its stunted sidekick

Mongo on the Candies
The Candies
Sweetest when it's wet

Russ Barlow on Bob's Trail
Bob's Trail
The gnarliest trail
on the North Side

Russ Lambert on Goldilocks & the 3 Bears
Goldilocks &
The Three Bears

Galbraith's best-kept secret

Paul Parker on Cedar Dust
Cedar Dust &
Family Fun Center

Two ways to go from
the top of the Ridge Trail

Zack on SST
SST, The Runway
& The Old Up

Salisbury Steak Trail

The Towers

Russ Barlow on Wonderland
A Great New / Old Trail

Mark Adriance on Naughty Nellie
Naughty Nellie
A useful trail with a view

Dan Waters on Scorpion
Beware the Stinger!

Bethany Gamble on the Woopsie Woodle
Woopsie Woodle
Longest trail on the mountain

Evan Palmer on Evolution
Growing up stunted

Mongo on Dan's Trail
Dan's Trail - R.I.P.
Cool catwalk / old growth log combo

The Mid-Mountain

Alex Adriance on Kung Fu Theater
Purple Heart &
Kung Fu Theater
Great ones by any name

Marc Marti on Granny's House
Log Cabin & 187
A single track 2-fer!

Mongo on El Pollo Elastico
El Pollo Elastico,
Mas Pollo &
The Fire Ring

Mas Bob Torset!

Steve Hindman on the Mullet
A cut above

Jim Fricker on Keystone
Oly, Keystone
& Bottle Openner

Connecting Arsenio
& The Towers

Jimmy Breitenstein and Sketch on the Kaiser
The Kaiser
"It rolls..."

The South Side
Mary Jane on Kaya
Bunny Trails, Banjoland,
Art's Trail
& Kaya

Best on Galbraith
for beginners

Alex Adriance on 911
Flying Squirrel
& Three Pigs

Good stuff from our animal friends

Thad Quinn on Chutes & Ladders
Evil Twin,
Lost Giants &
Chutes And Ladders

The stuff of Real Legends

Mongo on the Polka Dot Trail
Rock 'n Roll
& Mole Trap

The South Side's Best?

Alex Adriance on 911
911 & Crazy 8s
Two ways to run it

Dan Waters on Shawn's Trail
Shawn's Trail &
Not Shawn's Trail

Galbraith Mt.'s
Gnarliest Trail?

Confused about Galbraith Mt. trail names? See our Trail Name Glossary for help...

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