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The Best-Kept Secret on Galbraith
Goldilocks & The Three Bears

Make that man slow down! Russ Lambert (LEFT), now in his mid-60s, blurs out the top of Goldilocks on his Specialized 29er. Russ -- AKA Guano -- and the Legendary David designed and built Golidlocks & the Three Bears. Mongo (RIGHT) whips a tight section of Goldilocks that snakes through an old cedar grove.
Trail name(s): Goldilocks & The Three Bears
Difficulty rating: There is nothing hideously scary on these trails, just a full measure of tasty singletrack running through a cool old woods
Elevation gain/loss: 275 feet
Best riding direction: Ride well both ways
Best seasons: Good all year long

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GOLDILOCKS & THE THREE PIGS, oops, Three Bears, is the best-kept secret on Galbraith. Why?

Well, one reason is the maps on the kiosks at the north and south entrances to Galbraith. Prepared by Trillium Corporation (which purchased much of Galbraith right after the turn of the century), these maps are completey wrong when it comes to Goldilocks & the Three Bears.

Wrong as in the wrong starting point, wrong ending point, wrong route in between (the Trillium map doesn't even show the trail as a loop), and wrong name (the Trillium maps apply a defunct trail name -- Scoobie Doo -- for part of the route).

Russ Lambert on GalbraithSo even though the trail builders -- Guano (pictured LEFT, holding up a tree) and the Legendary David (pictured BELOW, building a ramp) -- punched an access through to the Arsenio Loop Rd. and even put a trail name sign on it(!), Goldilocks & the Three Bears doesn't get as much attention as it deserves.

Too bad. When you find them, these two trails are a delight. In fact, Goldilocks & the Three Bears ranks up with Kaiser, Rock 'n Roll, Log Cabin, 187 and Woopsie Woodle as the best pure singletrack on Galbraith.

HERE'S HOW it goes: starting with Goldilocks, you snake through a beautiful North Side forest with an occassional little bridge of logs or native stone. The terrain undulates while generally dropping down, so you've got climbs and descents no matter what route you ride, no matter what way you ride.

Goldilocks is the flatest and the therefore the sweetest and easiest of these linked trails. In the Bears, things get a little more technical. In Mama Bear and Papa Bear especially, there are some nice, tight switchbacks and a couple log and root punchups, but again, there is nothing even slightly scary on Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

David Waugh at Freeride Party 2Goldilocks & the Three Bears is not about scary. It's about fun in a sweet old woods, and you get a great vista of Lake Whatcon and the Canadian mountain thrown in, although you better look quick because trees have half-choked off this splendid view.

To navigate Goldilocks & the Three Bears, it helps to understand that these two linked trails represent a loop within a loop. You can ride Goldilocks as a loop and never touch the Three Bears. Our you can ride Goldilocks as the first and last leg of larger loop that includes the Three Bears and brings you back to where you started without any retracing. Cool!

Or you can out and back it, maybe in sections as you explore and learn it. The combinations are virtually limitless. No matter how you ride it, though, Goldilocks & the Three Bears is a true singletrack fairy tale.

The up and the down of it: Mark and Adriance (above) and Mongo descend and climb the same switchback deep in the Three Bears.

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Click here for Driving Directions from Interstate 5 to Galbraith, plus MapQuest maps and live WebCam shots of Galbraith and the main freeway exits for Galbraith.