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The Fabled 911 & Crazy 8s -- 
Dialing A Delightfully Technical Dive

luca2_080802_500pix.jpg (58775 bytes)
Alex Adriance starting 911's signature 100-yard long Long Log Ride near the top of 911.

Jon Syre airing out one of the big jumps near the bottom of 911 after you come out of the trees..
Trail name: 911
Difficulty rating: Somewhat technical with several difficult stunts and jumps scattered along the side of the trail
Elevation gain/loss: 100 feet
Best riding direction: Best ridden down from the 2000 Rd. (Arsenio Rd.)
Best seasons: Gets heavy use all year long

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911 IS A storied trail -- a trail that enjoyed a huge vogue when it was new, suffered through logging right after the turn of the century, and still rates high on many experienced Galbraith riders' list of personal favorites.

Why? 911 delivers a steady stream of full-on technical moments as it descends from Kung Fu Theater to lower south side trails like Sleeping Giants, Evil Twin, Chutes & Ladders, etc.

Crazy 8s -- another delightful trail -- follows a parallel course out in the wide open clearcut just south of 911. Like it's terrain, Crazy 8s is faster and more open, with only a couple of seriously technical moments in a couple twisting chutes with loose dirt on top, although the brush can be tight in late summer.

911 takes the darker, twisted route, snaking down through one of the last stand of slightly large conifers on the south side. Fallen cedar and fir, root balls and drops (including the Drop of Doom, see below), rock gardens and piled log breastworks all provide their own particular savor to the experience.

But the stunt that sets 911 apart from every other trail on Galbraith is the Long Log Ride (see Brian MacKenzie below). Legendary Galbraith trail builder Dan Waters (he of Chutes and Laders, Dan's Trail, etc.) took the log ride that already existed on 911 and extended it to a mind boggling 100 yards in length.

Building this log ride got Dan Waters a Cease And Desist Letter from the Trillium Corp. (Trillium, which had just purchased much of the mountain, and its managers, the WHIMPs, wanted to assert their authority over the mountain), but as of 2009 Dan Water's skinny on 911 is still the longest log ride / skinny on Galbraith.

Sadly, much of the trail below the Long Log Ride was amputated by logging after Trillium took over, eliminating a great section of stunty trail. However, an interesting selection of stunts have since been built to play with at the bottom of the clearcut (see below).

The following are some of the scenes from the trail, riding from top to bottom. Click on the thumbnail images to view a larger version...

There used to be a nifty rampwalk just as you came to the entrance of 911. It was torn out a couple years ago, but I can't give up this pic of Luca Williams riding it...
Here Mark Belles goat hops through the optional rock garden line on the right at the beginning of the trail...
tdb2_110700.jpg (29435 bytes) Tom de Barie devours a log...
brian_mcKenzie_911_400pix.jpg (19340 bytes) Brian MacKenzie bombs one of the long cedar logs that are a distinguishing mark of 911...
Thanks to legendary Galbraith trail builder Dan Waters (who built it in 2005), this skinny goes on for 100 yards. Here's Kevin Menard of Transition Bikes a little further down. (Photo courtesy Transition Bikes)
Here's Alex Adriance around the next corner on the Long Log Ride...
911a_031500.jpg (105151 bytes) A log breast-work...
911_031500.jpg (103261 bytes) With skid marks below...
911_bw10.jpg (115579 bytes)
911_bw12.jpg (119219 bytes)
And here, in these shots from the archives, we see the same log drop claim an early victim...
911b_031500.jpg (94954 bytes) More drops. This part of 911 was destroyed by logging in 2002...
911_071600.jpg (54823 bytes) Shall we gather at the Drop of Doom? Jimmy Staartman and Thad Quinn ask Carl Bjorklund what he had for breakfast. Carl just endoed in the Drop of Doom and broke his crank...
ryan_wright_911_400pix.jpg (32819 bytes)  Ryan Wright rips another log drop on 911...
sh2_082100.jpg (36137 bytes) Steve Hindman having fun on 911.
A little further down the trail, after it comes out of the trees into the new clearcut, there is a series of jumps. Here Jerry Kingslein of Bandito Burrito approaches one...
Russ Barlow of Fanatik Bikes going off...
And Jason on his Yeti 575 too!
A little further on, amid a bunch more jumps, is a tasty technical morsel known as the Big Rock Pile on 911. Here's Kevin Menard of Transition Bike climbing to the apex of the first rock...
Riding along the top...
And finally airing out his exit off the last rock. Click here for video of Kevin riding this stunt. This stunt has since been demolished! (Photos courtesy Transition Bikes)

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Click here for Driving Directions from Interstate 5 to Galbraith, plus MapQuest maps and live WebCam shots of Galbraith and the main freeway exits for Galbraith.