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The Ideal Galbraith Mt. Bike?

Our story so far...

THERE IS probably no easier way to start an argument on Galbraith Mt. than to declare that one particular bike is the "perfect bike" for Galbraith. There are just too many good bikes, and too many different riding styles to make any wide agreement on this subject possible. 

And the choice is made even harder by the fact that Galbraith Mt. is blessed with an incredible variety of terrain. If you love Galbraith for the rippin' single track (like you'll find on the Kaiser or Goldilock & the 3 Bears and the Candies), you'll probably want a different bike than if you're after extremely technical, North Shore style riding like you'll find on Shawn's Trail and the Sandy Stone on Wonderland.

However, all good Galbraith bikes have a couple features in common. First, because there are no chair lifts or car shuttles on Galbraith Mt., they all have to be able to climb to access the best trails. Second, because mud can be factor all year 'round, bikes with disc brakes have an advantage over bikes with V-brakes. 

Beyond this, good Galbraith Mt. bikes fall into five broad categories: the cross country flier (generally with three inches of travel in the front and the rear), the light weight trail bike (generally with four inches of travel), the all mountain trail bike (with four or five inches of travel), the freeride bike (generally with five or more inches of travel), plus a bevy of hardtails (ranging from feather light XC dream machines to burly, technically inclined numbers in the Canadian style).

Here are thumbnail reviews of some of the best bikes on Galbraith Mt. If you wonder about a bike you don't see reviewed here, check back soon because this list is active and growing...

-- Mongo

Light Weight Trail

Specialized FSR 120 Disc

Titus Switchblade

Cannondale Jekyll

Santa Cruz Superlight

Intense Tracer

Rocky Mountain ETS

Santa Cruz Blur
All Mountain

Ellsworth Moment

Intense 5.5 EVP

Giant Reign

Foes Inferno

Rocky Mountain Slayer

Specialized Enduro

Turner Five Spot

Kona Dawg

Kona Coiler

Transition Preston

Raliegh Phase 2

Kona Stinky

Norco Atomik

Norco Bigfoot

Specialized Rockhopper Disc Pro
XC Flier

Specialized FSR XC
Then there's Josh Bender's custom Karpiel and
Dave Albers's Rohloff-equipped Cove G-Spot...

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