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Editor's Note: Trillium Corp. removed all the sculptures from Galbraith in late February 2010...

Art on Galbraith!
Galbraith Mt.
in Bellingham, WA

SINCE 2006, Trillium Corp. has installed a number of sculptures on Galbraith which have become defacto landmarks. Here are some of the important ones...

Here's the sculpture at the hub where the Ridge Trail, Bob's Trail, Cedar Dust and the Family Fun Center all meet. There is now a Trillum Kiosk here too.

This sculpture stands at what used to be called The Car Seat at the top of the Esophogas. (The aforementioned Car Seat has been gone for at least a decade, but it used to be a great place to take the view before the clearcut grew up.) Some riders call this spot Lego or Lego Sculpture today. SST crosses the 2600 Rd. near here. The skid mark in the gravel at the left is from someone starting down to the bottom of Lower Arsenio, Kona Boys and the Intestine. The trail heading down the other way (to the right) is the top of the Esophagus, which also feeds the Intestine, along with the Candies.

An awe-struck rider admires the sculpture at the fabled Blue Rock, still visible in the foreground, at the fork in the Tower Rd. (3000 Rd.) and the Arsenio Rd. (2000 Rd.). The top of Shawn's Trail and bottom of Mullet are on the left, while the start of Kaiser and Three Pigs are around the corner on the right.

Here's the sculpture in the clearcut below Sandy Stone, near the junction of Wonderland and Naughty Nellie, with Bellingham Bay in the distance.

Here's the sculpture at the bottom of the Esophagus, near the top of the Old Up and the bottom of the Candies. Clearly the work of a prior civilization...

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