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‘Greensleeves’ – Brian Dickman meets Dr. Dum d’Dum (acoustic guitar / electric bass duet)

OLD MEETS NEW in this Greensleeves duet by Brian Dickman & Dr. Dum d’Dum where Brian plays classical guitar, and d’D plays electric bass.

The weaving dance of these two musical voices has a surprisingly modern air, yet remains true to the spirit of the Ancients.

This is d’D’s first recording since March 17, 2020, the day the government’s emergency COVID orders went into effect. He is playing his Cobra blue Fender American Ultra Jazz Bass on this cut.

The visuals of blowing grass in this video were filmed by Dr. Dum d’Dum in his back pasture.

Dr. Dum d’Dum is playing his Cobra blue 2021 Fender American Ultra Bass on this cut.

Dr. Dum d’Dum: saving the world, one bass line at a time.

Dr. Dum d'Dum, AKA Bruce Brown
Dr. Dum d’Dum with a favorite axe, his Squier Cabronita Precision Bass.

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