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News Flash -- 
Trillium Outlaws 
Many Manmade Stunts
on Galbraith Mt.

chutes2_400pix2.jpg (50966 bytes)

Thad Quinn stylin' on one of the many manmade stunts on Chutes & Ladders, circa 2000.

IS THIS scene at left a thing of the past on Galbraith Mt.?

According to Trillium Corp., which owns most of Galbraith, the answer is yes.

But wait, before you start grumbling about the big corporations and all that, take a look at the full statement by Trillium below.

When you look at the entire statement, I personally believe you have to call it very fair, and maybe even a big step forward for the sport on Galbraith. 

First of all, let's be frank. All Galbraith riders absolutely MUST assume liability for what happens to them on the mountain. 

Secondly, not all manmade stunts are going to be removed. They will be evaluated on a case by case basis by Trillium and the WHIMPs. There are still going to be manmade stunts on Galbraith.

Thirdly, you think you need 2x4s to build a scary, technically demanding trail? I don't think so. Look at all the natural challenges on Galbraith -- the Big Drop on Upper Bob's, the Big Rock and Little Rock on Cedar Dust, the Heinous Fall Away on the Chicken, the Bad Boy on Dan's, and of course the Sandy Stone on Wonderland

Lastly, the thing that sets Galbraith apart, the thing that gives it its special flavor and personality, isn't its North Shore-style stunts. I mean, if that's what you want you can get it on the Shore, and be there in an hour if the border crossing isn't too bad. 

The thing that sets Galbraith apart is the extreme natural technicality of its trails -- its roots, log punch ups and roll-overs, and old growth trees crossing ravines, like you see on Upper and Lower Bob's, Purple Heart, Kung Fu Theater, and 911, along with an occasional insane rocky face, like the end of Devilcross.

This natural quality of the Galbraith challenge is also what is most promotable, and most likely to make Galbraith a destination mountain biking Mecca.

The Trillium statement accepts the natural challenges of the terrain on Galbraith, and only asks for reasonable measures on liability by the mountain biking users. That's why I'm tremendously encouraged by what I'm hearing.  


May 6, 2002


c/o Mark Peterson
Kona USA
2455 Salashan
Ferndale, WA 98248

Re: Use of Galbraith for Recreational Biking Purposes

Dear Mr. Peterson:

I am writing on behalf of Trillium Corporation ("Trillium") in response to various inquiries from WHIMPS in regard to Trillium's policy for Galbraith as a recreational biking area.

Trillium will continue to allow WHIMPS members to use Galbraith for recreational biking purposes, at their own risk, subject to the following restrictions:

  1. No new bike trails of any type shall be constructed on Galbraith without prior written approval from Trillium. Recreational users of Galbraith, including WHIMPS, are to limit their activity to the areas where trails exist.
  2. No artificial bike ramps or artificial structures of any kind may be constructed on Galbraith.
  3. No person may participate in or take any action that causes unreasonable harm to either themselves of others on Galbraith. Recreational users of Galbraith assume all liability and responsibility for their actions on Galbraith and agree to hold Trillium harmless from any liability or responsibility therefore.
  4. Any existing artificial bike ramps on Galbraith that were either constructed by WHIMPS or of which WHIMPS has knowledge need to be removed immediately. Any use of the existing bike ramp is strictly prohibited.
  5. WHIMPS agrees to alert Trillium immediately should it (or any of its individual members) become aware of any abnormal or dangerous conditions on Galbraith that could cause harm to any person or thing.
  6. No open fires or overnight camping is allowed at any time on Galbraith.

Trillium's hope is that the WHIMPS, and the other users of Galbraith, will act in a reasonable manner in regards to their use of Galbraith. Any use of Galbraith by WHIMPS will be interpreted as WHIMPS implied consenting to the conditions stated above. If you would like to discuss this issue further please feel free to contact me.


Randy Bartelt

Trillium Corporation
1350 Cordata Parkway
Bellingham, WA 98226

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