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The Heinous Fall Away
On El Pollo Elastico

Approach if you dare, and even then, approach with care...


THE HEINOUS Fall Away on El Pollo Elastico is a heave waiting to happen. 

It's a very sharp hairpin turn to the right with an unavoidable two foot drop at the top and a steeply off camber, fall-away outrun to the next log rollover a dozen feet or so further down the trail.

The fright factor is high as you approach the Heinous One, and many good riders have, in fact, hurled high and far here. In a sense, it's not quite as bad as it used to be before most of the woody debris was cleaned out of the heave zone down the slope below, but this is still not a place you want to go over the bars. 

There are two tricks that make the Heinous Fall Away considerably easier.

The first is to complete the turn before you go off the drop. You do NOT want to be trying to finish the turn and bring the bike around when you get down on the the loose off-camber stuff below. 

So turn tight and early, and have the straight line shot down the trail to the next stunt in front of you when you go off. 

The second is to let 'em roll. That's almost always good advice, but it's especially true here. You don't want to hesitate or try to tip-toe down this drop. Just get way back and let it roll through. 

Paul Reed shows how on the Heinous One. This picture was taken a few months before the one above, showing how much the corner had eroded.

PLEASE NOTE: this offender has evolved over the years. It isn't really a drop at all now, but rather a very tight switchback with a nifty rock garden approach and low catwalk exit.

If you are crazy enough to try the Heinous Fall Away, please wear a good helmet, have your medical insurance paid up, and remember, recommends scouting every stunt and obstacle before trying to ride it.

See's El Pollo Elastico Trail Guide for more info on El Pollo Elastico, AKA The Elastic Chicken. Click here for video clip.

The following are sequence shots of the stunt. Click on the thumbnail images to view a larger version...

pa_1_400pix.jpg (62104 bytes) Paul Andrews, a strong technical rider from San Francisco, rides the Heinous Fall Away site unseen the first time..
pa_2_400pix.jpg (41903 bytes) The first trick is to complete your turn early, before you go off the drop...
pa_3_400pix.jpg (33168 bytes) Then take the straight line to the next stunt...
pa_4_400pix.jpg (35000 bytes) P.S. Don't forget to  hold on tight...
pa_5_500pix.jpg (27361 bytes) And afterwards...
pa_6_500pix.jpg (27821 bytes) The congratulatory handshake!

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