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R.I.P. -- This Galbraith technicality no longer exists, but we present it here for riders with fond memories, and because you're still likely to encounter this sort of slimey rudeness on Galbraith today.

The Blow Down Root Drop 
on the Lower Ridge Trail

Chris Hardin goin' vertical on the Blow Down Root Drop.
IF YOU haven't ridden the Ridge Trial lately, you may be interested to know that there is a new drop on the lower Ridge Trail where the singletrack used to squeeze between two fir trees. This spot used to be particularly challenging on the descent since it was barely wider than most riders' handlebars, and required a steady hand and sharp eye at speed. 

Well, it's history now, and in its place is a nifty log drop / punchup that has been constructed from the root ball of one of the trees (which blew down) and sections of the sawn up trunk.

It's still a narrow passage with a right to left angle as you go over it (on the descent). It's also quite steep on the downhill side, but at least there is nothing loose there, like on Big Log Candy further up on the Ridge Trail. 

The trick here, by the way, is to carry enough speed to the top and just let it roll over and down the other side. The first time Mongo rode this drop it turned out his chain had come off, but it didn't matter because he carried enough speed to make it. In fact, he didn't even realize his chain was off until he got to the bottom of the drop.

Climbing this sucker, on the other hand, is a much more serious issue, since you can't carry a great deal of speed at it and you've got to hit a narrow spot about as wide as a paperback book at the top. The line on the climb is to start slightly left of center and angle back toward the right (giving you the steepest face and best traction) before you hit the narrow passage at the top, and angle away toward the left again.

If you are crazy enough to try the Blow Down Drop, please wear a good helmet, have your medical insurance paid up, and remember, recommends scouting every stunt and obstacle before trying to ride it.

Below are some sequence shots showing Mongo coming down the Blow Down Drop.

See Ridge Trail Guide for more info on the Ridge Trail. Click here for more technical notes.

The following are sequence shots of the stunt. Click on the thumbnail images to view a larger version...

The Blow Down Drop, seen from below doesn't look half bad as Mongo approaches... 
Just another steep drop with a narrow pass at the top and a slightly off-camber but smooth fall away face...
That's when things begin to happen fast and you realize how steep the punch-up to the drop is, just as you're going off it...
The good news is that all you really have to do is carry speed, stay off your brakes COMPLETELY, and ride it out smoothly...
Which is a flat out gas...
When you compress at the bottom...

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