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The Causeway Rock on 187

jason_ewoch_072302_500pix.jpg (62743 bytes)

Mongo stylin' on the Causeway Rock on 187.


THERE IS a secret to riding the Causeway Rock on 187, a really simple secret that can be expressed in two words "carry speed."

Of course that's a little easier said than done since you have scrub most of your speed in the last, root-infested corner before you start your run at the rock. So you gotta flat out sprint at the Rock to get speed.

Feels pretty wierd to light all jets fully for a rush at the apex of the rock, and the blind side beyond. But you gotta do it because with speed the narrow rock causeway leading up to the top of the rock is much smoother and easier to navigate. You do not want to have to be still cranking on the power when hit the causeway.

Basically the idea is to sprint to get enough speed to carry you to the top of the rock. And to to this, you gotta commit, really commit, and go for it hard. No half moves and gonna get it, Fred. Happily, though, there is a tree trunk on your left that you can grab with your hand if you get into trouble going up on the rock.

From there, the line is slightly to the outside of the right hand fall away turn that follows. There's a sweet, uncomplicated rolling line, if you want it, or you can launch it, which avoids the two small stumps, on on each side of the train on the downside of the rock, but means you gotta be braking hard going into the next corner.

Here's a sequence shot showing how it's done. But please, if you're going to ride the Causeway Rock on 187, wear a good helmet and have your medical insurance paid up. In fact, you might want to wear body armor.

And remember, recommends scouting every stunt and obstacle before trying to ride it. Best of all, watch someone who knows how do it before you try. 

See Granny's House/187 Trail Guide for more info on 187. Click here for more technical notes.

The following are sequence shots of the stunt. Click on the thumbnail images to view a larger version...

root5x.jpg (62746 bytes)herb1_062100.JPG (37476 bytes)root5x.jpg (62746 bytes)mb3_1_062701.jpg (37204 bytes)

Mark Adriance does what you gotta do, come hard and fast right at the rock. Let's his momentum carry him to the top of the rock. Picks his line off the rock, and hits it...

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