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A Gathering of Galbraith Tribes...
Can you ride this?

March 14, 2005 -- Tremendous day on the mountain, highlighted by an awesome gathering of the Galbraith tribes at the Rock Wall on Wonderland around noon.

There were a dozen or more major riders in attendance, including four of the most famous trail builders on the mountain -- Dan Waters (Chutes & Ladders, Dan's Trail), Bob Torset (Bob's Trail, El Pollo Elastico), Darren Clark (Prison Love, Woopsie Woodle) and Mark Belles (Wonderland).

By the time we got there, most of the work was done remaking the landing zone for more air. Then the aerial ballet began! Russ Barlow (right) and Dan Waters led the way, stylin' with ease off the rock ledge into the grand sun-dappled panorama sweeping from Lummi Island around to Bellingham Bay. After a while, Jeff Cobb climbed up under the rock lip so his buddies Matt Vergin and Pat Reilly could huck over him.

It all lasted about as long as a good glass of beer, and then it was over, and the posse started moving slowly up the road toward their next stop, the Scorpion. Here are some pics of the action at the Wall..

Click here for discussion of the wall on Galbraith Mt. Buzz. Click here for videos of Slick Dave Sears and the Legendary David riding the two main lines on the Wonderland Wall.

Dan Waters

Jeff Cobb

Pat Reilly

Matt Vergin works on the new landing zone while Dan, Jeff and Pat watch from above.

Lots of supervisory talent standing by, including Darren Clark, Dan Waters and Bob Torset.

Mark Belles with the million dollar view of Bellingham Bay. This is what you see when you go off the rock.

After a while, Jeff Cobb decided to sit under the take off rock...

So his buddy Matt Vergin could huck over him, while Kevin Unruh looks on!

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