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"Oceans of water wrung from molten stone...."

The Miracle Planet

Finally, a TV series that dares to ask, "how can mountains grow, and living creatures be turned to stone?" One of PBS-TV's more popular earth science series, The Miracle Planet debuted in 1989 with six one-hour scripts by Bruce Brown, who also co-authored the accompanying book of the same title with his wife, Lane Morgan.

"Crazy Horse"

Digital painting and print making

A pioneer of digital painting and print making, Bruce Brown has been creating with digitally sythesized natural media since1992. He worked for many years with Fauve Matisse, and he now paints with Corel Painter. 

"Lone Jack Coffee"

Illustration, graphic design & advertising

In addition to owning his own advertising agency and doing creative work for many of the major ad agencies in Seattle during the 1970s, Bruce Brown has designed magazines, Web sites, books, CDs and, uh, human-size foam rubber pizza costumes.

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"The matre d' inquired...."

Poetry and songs

Bruce Brown's first published work was a 1975 chapbook called The Distance Makes Things Blue -- Songs Without Music. Although he rarely writes song lyrics (or wears platform shoes) anymore, he continues to pen occasional verse.

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