Updated January 7, 1998 

BugNet Sets New World Record

NOTE -- In the tradition of shameless puffery that fills the empty-headed publishers' columns at most computer publications, we can't resist the following...

BUGNET IS pleased to announce that it has just set a new world's record for bug/fixes.

In January 1998, BugNet published more than 500 fixes for bugs in popular off-the-shelf software.

"BugNet is now clearly THE global authority on PC bugs and fixes," said BugNet publisher Bruce Brown. "BugNet is the only place in the world that PC users can go to get comprehensive help with bugs, which are the most common problem facing PC users.

"No one else comes close - not even Microsoft." In fact, Microsoft is a BugNet subscriber, as are many Fortune 1000 companies.

The 500-plus fixes in BugNet's January List range from high profile items (like how to overcome conflicts between Microsoft's new Internet Explorer 4 and the older version of Internet Explorer that still come bundled with many new programs - a story that BugNet broke) to a host of less sexy but nonetheless troubling problems involving virtually every major software package.

"BugNet's value is obvious to PC users large and small," said Brown, "but BugNet's bug/fix information has other value as well.

"BugNet is one of the few legal ways for PC software companies to find out what sort of problems are afflicting their competition at any given moment," said Brown. "In addition, there is valuable investment intelligence in BugNet's bug/fix list.

"BugNet knows which software products are in trouble with their customers six to sixteen months before sales fall and the company's stock price has to be discounted." There is nowhere else in the world that investors can go to get this crucial intelligence.

Every month, BugNet's bug/fix information reaches more than 10 million people through the BugNet Syndicate, which includes many daily newspapers, computer magazines, TV and radio shows.

However, the full monthly BugNet list is only available to BugNet subscribers like you.

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