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"The World's Leading Supplier of PC Bug Fixes"


BugNet was another of those outrageous Internet success stories, coming from out of nowhere to become the global arbituer of PC software quality. Bruce Brown founded BugNet in 1994, built it to profitability and intenational prominence, and then sold it to KeyLabs at the height of the dot com boom in late 1999.
Kara, having fun on a spring day...

Launched by Bruce Brown in 2000, was the world's first online mountain bike trail guide, linking maps and photos and text in a way that had never been possible with traditional print guides.
The comfort of 24/7 access to your doctor...

Designed and implemented in 2001 by Bruce Brown for a large Whatcom County, WA, group practice, is another innovative Web product -- the world's first secure online communication alternative to the telephone, enabling 24/7 access to medical help for patients and reduced phone load for medical staff, as well as Uniform Medical Recort data input and an online wellness magazine, among other benefits.

Are you an eBayist?

"The Independent Journal of the eBay Community..."

Launched in early 2004 shortly after Bruce Brown published The History of the Corporation, was based on the premise that eBay -- the online auction colossos -- is more entertaining than cable TV, and more instructive about who were really are too.

100 Voices

"The largest and most complete collection of eye-witness accounts of the Battle of the Little Bighorn ever collected anywhere, in any form..."

100 Voices

Although Bruce Brown created 100 Voices in 2007 as a companion to his novel, Conversations With Crazy Horse, 100 Voices was a ground-breaking work itself which first defined the new paradigm for electronic book publishing (just as BugNet defined the new paradigm for electronic magazine publication a decade before), whereby previously private research materials become the engine driving promotion and sales of the final work.

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